Pogba brother makes more witchcraft claims

Pogba brother makes more witchcraft claims

Mathias Pogba says brother Paul has ‘lost his notion of reality’ due to the trappings of fame and money

In his second video address in recent days, Juventus and France star Paul Pogba’s brother Mathias has repeated allegations that the midfielder used witchcraft while claiming that he has also lost his way due to money and fame.

Mathias Pogba made a family feud public at the weekend when releasing clips in French, English, Spanish and Italian where he threatened to make revelations about Paul Pogba, his agent Rafaela Pimenta, and Paul’s France teammate Kylian Mbappe.

Quickly reacting to the row, Paul Pogba released a statement where he claimed to have been the victim of an extortion attempt that is being investigated by French authorities.

According to reports, Mathias and Paul Pogba’s childhood friends attempted to receive €13 million ($12.9 million) from the ex-Manchester United star for services purportedly rendered and protection that they have supposedly provided him with over his 13-year career, with Pogba said to have paid them €100,000 ($99,940) to keep the gang quiet and buy time.

As Mathias headed to Twitter and implied that Paul Pogba had employed witchcraft to harm Kylian Mbappe, he again posted another video doubling down on such claims.

“All of Paul’s statements, from the hearing at the start of August – before my videos – to the response from his lawyers and the responses from his supporters, are only intended to drag my name through the mud,” Mathias Pogba claimed on social media.

“So I’m asking myself: why rush to affirm that what I had to say concerned just witchcraft?

“Because it would be difficult to talk about the so-called blackmail in this case? So wouldn’t it be better to hammer home that the big brother is just a jealous, money-grabbing person, ready to do anything to discredit before he speaks? Isn’t that what all false accounts in my name are all about? No, we don’t accept conspiracies here!” Mathias Pogba added.

“The only path to survival that I have is to unveil his lies and his deception,” Mathias Pogba went on, after alleging that Paul Pogba has “long since lost his notion of reality” due to fame and money and “persists in destroying” the Pogba family.

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Happier times: Pogba and his family celebrated his 2018 World Cup win in Russia. © Mike Hewitt / FIFA via Getty Images
Pogba brother makes ‘Mbappe witchcraft’ claim (VIDEO)

“That’s why I confirmed his witchcraft because what matters here is not whether it works or whether you believe me or not, it is that it is malicious because these practices expect that you do bad things for their rituals with the will to harm.” 

“Also, I ask, didn’t Paul deny resorting to witch doctors? Then why did he reveal that to the investigator,” Mathias suggested in reference to a Franceinfo article.

“Does protecting yourself from injuries require paying millions of euros to this witch for years? And the investigators and the tax authorities will be able to easily verify that with the Central Bank of London,” Mathias added.

Addressing the extortion accusations, Mathias Pogba said that in his “dedication to discredit all those who know his little secretsm” Paul Pogba “claims that the money that he offered to his childhood friends was extorted.”

“Easy to say to the media, but what if this money is justified by official, saved documents, and if there is proof of an agreed action? That’s not the same, is it?” Mathias Pogba posed, before teasing “the unveiling of the lies” plus that his “own version of the facts is coming.”

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Trouble could be brewing for Les Bleus. © David S. Bustamante / Soccrates / Getty Images
France facing threat over Pogba-Mbappe scandal – media

Per L’Equipe, it is already feared that the controversy could tear France’s World Cup camp apart and harm Les Bleus’ chances of retaining the trophy they won in Russia four years ago.

Coach Didier Deschamps might ultimately be left having to decide between Pogba and star player Mbappe, with allegations circulating of video evidence of Pogba contracting a west African religious figure known as a Marabout to carry out a spell on Mbappe and see him injured – claims which Pogba has vehemently denied.

As Pogba currently battles injury, France are next in action in just over three weeks’ time when they host Austria in the Nations League in Paris on September 22 and take on Euro 2020 semi-finalists Denmark away three days later.

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